Did you get your share of $100,000?

CU Community Credit Union paid out $100,000 to members this week as part of its CardCash™ debit card rewards program. Members who use the CU Community VISA debit card automatically earned up to 1% cash back on eligible non-PIN purchases over the course of the last year. Members had the opportunity to earn up to $500.


“Everyone can use a little extra cash this year, and we have enjoyed providing this benefit to our members,” said CU Community Credit Union President and CEO Judy Hadsall.

Participation in CardCash™ is optional, and we ask that members opt in if they want to continue to be in the program or to sign up if they haven't yet. 

“By opting in, we will be able to better gauge the interest of this program and ensure If the CardCash™ program is something you value,” Hadsall said. “It’s important to us that we offer the right programs and services to our members, and by opting in, you will tell us that you want to continue earning up to $500 cash back per year for your qualifying non-PIN debit card purchases—just for using your debit card.”

First-time? Sign up for CardCash™ here.

Opt In: If you liked CardCash™ and want it for a second year, please fill out and return this form. You can mail it, drop it off, or scan and email it back to us.