Same Day ACH Debits will go into effect September 15, 2017—This means money can be pulled from your account (with proper authorization of course) on the same day you initiate the transaction. For example, recurring payments could be entered and settled on the same day.

Please keep this in mind when making payments to ensure you have the funds available. To protect your account against overdrafts remember you can link to various shares. You may choose to allow the checking account to overdraft from another account such as savings, sub-shares, joint accounts, Phone-a-Loans or credit cards. You may receive three (3) overdraft transfers* per month at no charge. All subsequent overdraft transfers will be $1.00 per transfer (accumulated and withdrawn from the savings account at the end of the month). In addition, As a benefit to eligible accounts, CUCCU offers Courtesy Pay to cover member transactions in the event you overdraw your account. CUCCU will generally pay member overdraft items up to $500.00 (including fees). CUCCU reserves the right not to pay. You will be charged $27.00 per item presented. Please speak with a member service representative to make sure you have the correct safeguards in place.