We have increased the daily limit on our Debit Cards! 

The Signature-Based "credit" purchase with a Debit Card limit is now $1500 for signature transactions and $750 for PIN or ATM transactions per card, per day.
Fresh Start accounts continue to have a daily limit of $250.

These daily limits are placed on your card for security reasons to protect you and your money. These daily limits are in place to help reduce the risk of fraud and funds that may be withdrawn from your account.

When using your plastic cards at merchants, please consider the 'swipe and sign' option without a PIN number to save yourself time and hassle. Not only does the 'swipe and sign' option save you time, it saves us, your Credit Union, money in transaction fees. Keep in mind that on point of sale machines that automatically bring up a screen asking for your PIN, you can still choose "credit" and sign to authorize your transaction (even though you will not actually be using credit; the money will still come out of your checking account).

Have questions? Contact us at 417.865.3912 or via email to info@multiplicu.com.