What are eAlerts? eAlerts are emails or messages sent to you to notify you of certain transactions or events happening on your account. Each eAlert can be sent to multiple emails or cellular phone addresses within minutes of the actual transaction.  Sign up for eAlerts, specifically, Direct Deposit Received this will alert you when a direct deposit is made.  

There are many types of eAlerts to choose from. eAlert is a free service through Online Banking. 

NOTE: Many transactions do not come out of your account immediately after you make a purchase at a merchant or withdrawal from an ATM - so it's helpful to know WHEN funds are removed from your account.
·     Know immediately when your balance falls below a specific amount
·     See when your paycheck is deposited
·     View when your account is overdrawn (insufficient funds, overdraft privilege, or overdraft transfer)
·     Receive a notice when checks are cleared or debit card transactions are posted
·     Establish loan payment notifications
Creating an eAlert is Easy!
·     Log in to Online Banking
·     Click on Services
·     Click eAlerts and follow the enrollment steps.
You can also check the IRS website with this link here!