Switching to MasterCard®

Switching to MasterCard®

We are always looking for ways to add value and benefits for our members. For this reason, we will convert all of our debit and credit cards from Visa® to MasterCard® on August 18, 2014. But, don’t worry! We plan on making this transition as easy as possible for you.

Beware of Payment Scams

City Utilities recently reminded customers to be aware of potential payment scams that have been used in an attempt to fraudulently obtain funds. The most recent incidents involve customers being contacted by phone notifying them of immediate service disconnection. The caller identifies themself as a City Utilities employee and states that service disconnection can be avoided if they immediately provide a credit card number to the caller. Read on for more information.

eBay Hacked & Urges All Users Change Passwords

eBay announced that its corporate network was compromised and is advising all users to change their passwords immediately. In addition, the company is recommending changing passwords anywhere users have used the same password. Security expert Jim Stickley points out that "this is another example of why it is so important that you never use the same password between online sites."  

The online auction company has acknowledged that the compromise occurred in late February and into March and contained user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, and other private information. However, it claims that financial information is encrypted and was not accessed.

PayPal, which is owned by eBay, has stated that none of the information used for its site was compromised. That information is stored on a secure network separately and all PayPal information is encrypted. 

If you currently use or have used eBay, it is highly recommended to change your password. Ensure you use strong passwords comprised of letters, numbers, and a special character. All passwords should be at least eight characters long.