5 ways to spend less this holiday

Bringing that ho-ho-ho to your holiday can leave a bit of a dent in your wallet. The Gallup research organization says each American will spend--on average--$715 on gifts this year. How much do you plan on spending? If you're like many people, probably more than you bargained for. Here are some quick tips to help you set a budget and stick with it. 

CU Community Launches Debit Rewards

As checking account holders continue to express their frustration over mounting fees at regional and national banks, CU Community Credit Union launches CardCash--a program that allows customers the ability to earn cash for their everyday debit card purchases.

Debit Card Security Update

Due to an increasing number of card fraud incidents in regions across the United States, CU Community Credit Union has made the move to block debit and credit card transactions using CUCCU-issued cards in four states: California, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.